Russell Hobbs Health Fryer RH 20810 2 Litre

  • Product Type: Air Fryer
  • Power: 1230W
  • Capacity: 2Ltr

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Purifry is a versatile way to cook your familys favourites

The Purifry from Russell Hobbs uses technology to harness the cooking power of pure, fast-circulating air to cook family favourites like chips or chicken nuggets without using oil or fat. The coatings are still crispy and the taste will speak for itself.

Because there is no oil to heat it is fast and convenient

The Purifry is designed to be quick and easy to use. Unlike traditional fat fryers, there is no oil to heat so cooking time is reduced. As well as using less fat, the vapours and odours of fried food are reduced so all you will experience is the aroma of cooked food.

You can roast and bake with it too

With its sizeable 2 litre capacity drawer with food separator you can cook meat, fish and vegetables separately at the same time, just set the controls to the right temperature and time that you need. Theres no paddle to break up the food, it only needs a shake half way through. Whats more, you can whip up various baked treats such as scones, pies and cupcakes or even roasted joints, the versatility is endless. There is no messy oil to dispose of and it is dishwasher safe too making it quick and easy to clean too.


With the Russell Hobbs Purifry, you can roast, bake or fry a variety of ingredients making it a great multi-purpose addition to any kitchen.

Fast-circulating hot air

For fast and convenient dinners and snacks, the Purifry heats up quickly and cooks more efficiently than a conventional oven.

2 litre capacity drawer with food separator

With a sizeable drawer, you can cook a variety of vegetables, meat, fish, potatoes and the food separator feature allows you to do a couple of things at the same time.

No oil or fat required

As there is no need to use any oil or fat, meals are made healthier and with fewer added calories than when prepared using a traditional fryer requiring these additions.

Dishwasher Safe

With no oil to dispose of which would risk clogging up water systems, you can simply slip out the containers and wash them in the dishwasher. This makes cleaning up after use much simpler.


Product Type

Air Fryer


Russel Hobbs






Fast-circulating hot air, 2 litre capacity

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